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A man's perfect food is Truth. This is literally so. Truth is not just a concept. Truth is the living Force of Reality. It is Intensity.

—Adi Da Samraj, from the talk, Money, Food, and Sex in The Divine Siddha-Method of the Ruchira Avatar

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We dedicate this site to our Spiritual Teacher Adi Da.

He encouraged our community physicians to help write the books The Eating Gorilla Comes In Peace and Conscious Exercise and the Transcendental Sun. Adi Da's last work on diet is called: Green Gorilla, The Searchless Raw Diet.

We draw much of the wisdom on this website from the 400+ pages of these original manuscripts. These books contain the most practical, concise, and useful health information we have ever encountered. For more information about Adi Da, please see the Adidam website.

C + T = P

Cooperation + Tolerance = Peace

The Formula for World Peace must be embraced as the necessary politics of the future. Cooperation and tolerance is the necessary and exact “price” for peace—the “treaty cost” for the survival of humankind, Earthkind, and Earth itself.

This is the necessary “new paradigm” for the human design of future effort.

—by the World-Friend, Adi Da, from Not-Two Is Peace, The Ordinary People's Way of Global Cooperative Order, 3rd edition, page 101.

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