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"It is said of all the means of perfect expressiveness of woman, none can be more delicate or more innocent than perfume."
--In memory of Mary Lynn from her Galaxy of Scents: The Ancient Art of Perfume Making

We're glad you're here, and we hope you enjoy your aroma adventure.

Our number one goal is to provide you the highest quality organic oils at the best price as a way to encourage you to make liberal use of essential oils (EOs), every single day, and improve the quality of your life, family and home.

Compelling Reasons to Buy Our Products and Use Our Services

1. We offer the best quality organic essential oils for less. We offer you these Sustainable Savings because we want you to be able to afford to integrate essential oils in your everyday living. Some day you're going to walk over to where you keep all your essential oils and you will feel a tremendous sense of overwhelming Prosperity just like the Egyptian queens for whom these precious "spirits" were worth their weight in gold.

2. We also save you valuable time. We review hundreds of books; monthly articles in natural foods, healing and home magazines; consumer reports; spa and yoga journals; and aromatherapy newsletters, courses, and lectures. We then pass on the information that is most useful and reliable. Often the central points from an entire book can be summarized on one page. We don't charge for this service and update the information on this site every week.

3. Not only does it need to be affordable and accessible, it has to be fun. Our motto for bathing with essential oils is "Soak more, Think less." We hope blending with individual essential oils will become as common for you as enjoying fine wines or cooking a gourmet meal at home. In Home Spa we offer a few tips for creating the perfect spa experience and a few tried and true recipes from some of the most renowned Aroma Experts of this century. We also offer interesting Self-Care Formulas, and recommend a few extraordinary Natural Perfumers.

4. In Aromatherapy Approaches we explain why a holistic and rational approach based on your Five Element Constitutional Type will help you identify the essential oils you need to establish your physical, emotional-sexual and mental balance. To start your Alchemical Adventures we are going to show you how to create your own personal perfume. One day you're going to be walking somewhere or visiting with someone and they will say "What is that your wearing?! It's just gorgeous." You will be able to say "Oh it's a blend I make myself, based on my constitution type and is all from organic essential oils." A friend of mine said "When you smell good you feel good." And she is right. Not only will your blend smell good it will smell like you. Your blend is a mixture of yourself and the oils that represent you when you are most balanced. So what they really mean when they ask "What is that your wearing?! It's just gorgeous..." is that you are radiant and in glowing health.

5. We specialize in unadulterated organic oils because they are free of pesticides and they are farmed and distilled under better regulations. In Why Organic Oils? we explain why we feel organics best represent the soul, the life force and healing essences of plants. Selecting Oils from small, family owned farms and distillers we have visited, guarantees the quality and purity of the oils we purchase for you.

6. We advocate self-reliance. We market our organic products to people like ourselves because we feel that anyone can take responsibility for her own well-being and gain significant freedom from conventional medications. You don't need to be a medical professional or be a certified aromatherapist to enjoy and become skillful with blending essential oils. If you can cook, play a musical instrument, simply have a nose for it, or you just love to shop for favorite aromas at perfume counters, you can learn to create your own personalized perfume essence.

At least once in your life you should discover a perfume that speaks to your innermost thoughts desires, and dreams. In the sections Blend Your Own and Refine Your Blend and Finish Your Blend we show you how discover the EO perfume fragrance that is truly yours, and yours alone. If you don't want to take the time we can have you complete a couple surveys and we will do the blending for you. Not only can you choose your own pure essential fragrances you can also choose the Natural Perfume Types and the Carrier Oils. The choices of how to go about creating your own EO perfume are outlined in Beginning Your Journey.

7. In EO Safety we explain how to use your common sense in applying these therapeutic, food grade, full spectrum, pure essential oils. You, your family, and even your pets can safely enjoy a very natural and ancient form of self-healing.

8. In Why Essential Oil Perfumes? we argue that it is healthier for you and your loved ones to replace synthetic perfumes, tooth paste, deodorants, bath & body products with natural alternatives. We believe that by applying synthetic perfumes and products you're actually trying to associate yourself with the EO scents you need to stay balanced. It's like eating white bread without the vitamins when what your body really needs is nutritious whole grains. We suggest some healthy alternatives in Home Spa Recipes. In Avoid Household Toxins we show you how to clean your home more efficiently and for less money using a half- dozen safe ingredients.

We are pure aroma revolutionaries! We want you to stop overpaying the conventional medical, pharmaceutical industries and huge corporate fragrance corporations, rid your homes of all synthetic fragrances, enhance your Indoor Environments and find a healthier life style than the one that is being engineered for you in today's New Scent World. You must decide if you would rather place your trust in large corporations when their profits are on the line, or, are you willing to trust your own intelligence and the information we provide, and support a dozen multi-national farmers and family distillers, an aromacologist, a bodacious website designer, a beautiful and talented gardener, and a dog: The Crew.

9. In Aroma Essentials we recommend products we have come across or developed that will further expand your healthy use of EO's. In Sensual Synergies we also recommend other organic products we use ourselves or that are rated as top sellers by retailers surveyed in the Natural Food Merchandiser, the trade journal for health food retailers. Through Mountain Rose Herbs we offer additional excellent quality essential oils and aromatherapy blends and products. You can e-mail us to find out what my and Oz, my non-human friend's favorites are. We are a small business and patronize other fair trade and earth friendly businesses, aroma therapists, aromacologists, and other services we either use ourselves or come highly recommended from others we trust.

10. We are confident, if you follow your nose, you can increase your whole body awareness and reawaken your senses. At least once in your lifetime you should discover a perfume that is yours and yours alone. Your own perfume can lift you out of the rut of everyday life and inspire you to do what you love. Join us in this Aroma Adventure and have some Aroma Fun in your daily life.

11. We don't test any products on animals (except ourselves) and well, my dog, OZ, does have final approval on anything that goes out of the lab. We are "vegan" natural perfumers and we use only vegetable fixatives instead of the traditional animal based or synthetic ones.

12. We believe that the ultimate reward of integrating essential oils into your daily life is the gradual improvement in your lifestyle. You can restore your emotional and mental balance by the daily choices you make. In the sections Emotional Well Being and Less Stress, we suggest practical ways to make those changes. Our hope is you will infuse your life favorite essences you select for the time of day and the mood you wish to create.

We have tired to keep the tone light and humorous and at the same time offer as much well researched, concise and free information as we could. We apologize, in advance, for any unintentional over-simplification we have created. Likewise, feel free to send us any questions, suggest recipes and perfume blends, recommend experts or just contact us for the fun of it.

We encourage you to add to our Testimonials about your experiences and we will post them throughout this site.

We hope you will help your friends and family to be inspired to have fun with and improve their life style with essential oils and become an Organic (EO) Advocate (OA) and benefit from additional discounts. Likewise we hope you will let us help you design your one-of-a kind, intuitive, constitutional based, organic, essential oil, perfume(s) and elixir(s). That's a nose full!

We are so confident of our products we offer a Better than Risk-Free Guarantee.

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