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We can offer you organic essential oils at a better price because:

  1. Our supply costs are less. Through our much larger and profitable sister company Aloha Bay Candles we already buy large quantities of essential oils directly from distillers who have contracts with local farmers avoiding markups imposed by oil traders, brokers, and wholesalers. Essential oils are subject to importation, distillation, custom clearance, seasonal and annual variation, small scale bottling costs, etc. all the costs incurred by small agro business throughout the world.

  2. We buy from small farms and family operated distillers and because of the volume we use we are often able to buy their whole crop. When we have extra oil we sell it off to other small businesses that use essential oils. They know they can depend on us to pay the same price year after year despite what the commodity market predicts. They don't have to haggle for every penny they need like with do with international traders and brokers. This season at our factory in Indonesia we will be distilling Patchouli.

  3. We pay ourselves a nominal living wage. We are not wealthy, but all of us have other primary sources of income. Most important to you, although we don't qualify as a non- profit corporation, we are not trying to get wealthy off of you. It's been our experience if you do what you love enough money will follow. We hope integrating essential oils into your daily life will begin a gradual improvement in your lifestyle which includes having more money.

  4. We are a small company and our overhead is low and don't intend to become a large corporation. We don't owe anyone money [speak for yourself!] or have shareholders we have to pay dividends to. We don't have many employees or a warehouse. We work out of our homes. Our fulfillment (bottling, labeling, packaging, & shipping) is contracted out to a national bottling company where it's most cost effective and the oils that need to, can be refrigerated.

  5. We only offer the more common and less expensive oils. We don't believe we have to have to offer every essential oil because even the most common oils have proven beneficial effects. This is good for us because we have less money tied up in inventory and less places to travel to guarantee quality control. It is good for you because you get the same benefits for less money _____

  6. We are suckers for the “priceless oils” so we offer these in small amounts. The price we pay distillers for Egyptian Jasmine absolute is $700. Bulgarian rose oil takes about 4,000 pounds of handpicked petals to make 1 pound of commercial essential oil. We have paid as much as $2,500 for a pound of Bulgarian rose and $900 for a pound of Moroccan rose absolute. Vanilla from the ____ and vanilla absolute costs us. These particular oils are so expensive that when we put them in a blend we don't mark them up we sell them at our cost because we want you to at least try them in small amounts. We try to make the most profit on the products that we can buy for less than our competitors can source them. If I fly to Bulgaria to see the roses being distilled (someone's dreaming!) you don't pay for my flight. I consider it a vacation and pay for it out of my pocket from income I've earned elsewhere. We feel it's only lawful to make some profit but as we have said elsewhere were not trying to get rich off of you.

  7. There are a few very gifted natural perfumers that will charge $200-$500 to create your perfect personal perfume. Once you have your scent you have to go back to them to buy it each time. We encourage you to use their services if you can afford it. I've referred friends to them and greatly admire their perfumery artistry. We take a different approach by offering organic oils, recommending constitutional oils and offering you the tools to create your own blend. We only charge you the cost of the oils. You own your unique formula and unless someone has your password they cannot access the results of the surveys you completed. You can take your formula and mix the perfume in your own home any time you run out.

  8. We feel there is still too much hocus-pocus with everyone claiming, "my blend is better than your blend" and then feeling justified in charging a lot more for a blend than the cost of the oils that make up their blend. At first we did not offer any blends because we wanted to teach folks to do their own blending, but we found a number of our regular customers just wanted us to take the information from their formulas and create a blend for them. Again, you just pay for the cost oils in your blend.

  9. We only sell direct. There is no retail (double wholesale or keystone or MLM) markup. We don't pay any brick & mortar rent expenses so we don't need to pass on those costs to you. Many of our friends are involved in this and besides having access to high quality oils and effective blends, are making great additional income. Our purpose is different--we are staying away from marketing therapeutic blends and focusing on natural perfumery. So we offer different oils and specialize in sourcing organic oils from small family farms.

Whether you buy the oils from us or from somewhere else is not as important to us as helping you discover how to integrate essential oils into your life. We want to help people rid themselves and their homes of synthetic smells go au natural.

We will profit by getting you to tell your friends and family about our products and services. So any time you refer someone to us and they make a purchase we will give you a free gift when you come back and buy more oils.

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