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Michael Harings

Sitting quietly, type type typing
into the night.
laying down webpages,
walking on concepts,
building rooms, gardens, waterways.
tracking paths of scents
to enjoy paradise--

Trees and plants outside the house,
hiding the sky and hills
with green leafy beds.
Wind at night.
Stars above whispering pines.

Why should I say something boring? I grew up in Wisconsin, moo!, was interested in spirituality, and was drawn into a relationship with Adi Da Samraj. One time Adi Da said, "The Guru will ruin your life." Well, an ordinary, mediocre life is worth being ruined! to awaken to Divine Grace and a truly happy way of life.

Since that time, I've worked in editorial jobs and currently do computer work. Tom got me interested in essential oils and now I'm building the website and managing the business. I enjoy the varied scents!

Here's my resume, and here's a personal page.

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but flowers nourish the soul."