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Learn It in the Tree

A talk by Adi Da
April 28, 1996

Perhaps Great Trees are not as scarce as Great Realizers among the humans. But it is only the Great ones, the truly Great Trees, that could be characterized as “spiritual”.

If you cut them all down, you see, you are cutting the link to your own root-disposition. That disposition is unconscious in human beings. You do not know, generally, that you are trees.

Therefore, you don't tend to do what trees do. You tend to do what monkeys do, or fruit-eating birds do. You think you are separate from the tree.

The Witness bird is identifying with the core of the tree, and beyond it.

The Witness bird is in the tree position, not in the limb or peripheral position, or even the bird position as independent of the tree altogether. It is at rest, feeling the depth of its Native Position.

The Witness feels that depth energetically, as well as identifying it as Consciousness Itself.

In that disposition of the tree, there is a kind of “Perfect Practice”. It is not the Divinely Awakened Realization inherently, but it is not impossible that Great Trees could be Divinely Awakened by Me.

Therefore, I like to visit them. I do not have to contact all trees physically, so I especially contact some trees. I occasionally establish another “pole” in the form of a tree.

Sometimes I tell people about it and sometimes I do not. It is not necessary for people to know unless I want them to make some sort of use of it.

There are some specific trees at the Ruchira Sannyasin Hermitage Ashrams that I have Indicated to My devotees to serve, like Skyway, Grace Straightens, and Baptized Each One.

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