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Carrier Oils

Massage using essential oils in the massage oil is a very pleasurable and healthy way to enjoy your scents, and rejuvenate at the same time. The vegetable (or fruit) oils ease the masseur's hands in gliding over the skin. You can purchase the carrier oils at your local grocery or health food store and add your favorite essential oils to them much cheaper than buying commercial massage blends.

Keep your carrier oils in a cool, dark place. Try to get cold or warm pressed oil when possible.

AlmondThis oil has a delicate nutty odor and is slighty sticky.
Apricot KernelThis oil tends to be a little pricy, and is similar to almond oil, but with a lighter scent and texture
AvocadoRich and dark colored, loaded with nutrients and good for dry skin.
CoconutTends to be semi-solid at room temperature, little scent.
Cocoa ButterMade from cocoa beans--think chocolate! Thick and strong scent.
CornMost corn oil is heavily refined.
GrapeseedOdorless, with a light scent and texture.
JojobaActually a wax that is chemically very close to sebum, the human oil produced by the skin. Pricey, but melts into the skin and doesn't leave an oily residue.
OliveThis dark green oil tends to overpower essential oils, so use it lightly in a blend with other carrier oils.
SafflowerThis oil has a light, fruity odor but tends to oxidize, so keep it in the fridge.
SesameHas a strong smell! Much used with Ayurvedic (healing tradition from India) medicine.
SoyTends to be a highly refined oil.
SunflowerThis oil gives a very nice "glide" in massage.
WheatgermThick with lots of nutrients. Dilute with other carrier oils.
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