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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
Water Phase
Wood Phase
Fire Phase
Earth Phase
Metal Phase

Constitutional Types

The Five Constitutions

The application of constitutional survey can help you identify your chronic patterns of imbalance and the (Chinese) organs that are chronically affected. Once you have determined your constitutional type and the key organs involved, you can chose the best aromatherapy blends(s) to help bring those Phases and organs back into balance (harmony).

Because our main focus is helping you to balance your mental and emotional life we did not include the most common "physical" symptoms associated with each constitutional type. We did include physical signs that you may be able to observe by looking into a mirror. We have referenced physical symptoms and specific western disease processes in the constitutional survey to help you identify your constitutional tendencies.

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Finally, Refining Your Blend will look at alternative oils, and you will learn about layering fragrances, or creating variations on your blend to accommodate the time of day even the seasons, and we will discuss how to apply your blend.

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