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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
Water Phase
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Earth Phase

The Earth Phases represents the origin and what helps to control your life force Earth density sustains our momentum to keep us aligned in the direction of our desired goals.

Key Image: The earth gives us the food that we eat and a place to live. In this sense it is the mother to human beings, providing the essentials for human life. A tree is as sturdy as the soil in which it is rooted.

Key Emotion: Thoughtfulness. The power of thinking comes from the capacity to be grounded, nurtured and sustained in the midst of whatever comes our way.

Key Organs: The spleen, pancreas and stomach complex whose chief functions are to transform and transport your life force.

In harmony, this phase represents caring, sympathy, empathy, or emotional support for yourself and others. When balanced you are loyal and help to provide security. The fundamental imbalance of the Earth Constitution relates to the ability to be nurtured and nourished. The spleen and stomach are the granaries of the body; they digest, absorb and metabolize foods and fluids. When they do this job well, the body is nourished and thrives.

Key Emotional Pattern: When a person starts to think too much they will start to worry. When a person becomes concerned and anxious, the energy manufactured by the stomach and spleen becomes obstructed. The digestive system fails to function efficiently. Since there is no nutritional abundance host of deficiency imbalances can begin to appear.

Excessive Type: Nutrients, Qi and fluids personify The Earth Phase. In this case the spleen is not transforming the fluids well and the person has internal dampness or fluid build up. The Qi is not flowing well, obstructed by dampness in the meridians and channels and this can effect overall bodily circulation and mental state.

Signs: worry, over thinking and analyzing, anxiety about security, maybe even a little obsessive and brooding. Overly protective. Trouble getting out of bed, sluggish feeling, little appetite in the morning, but excessive later on. Possibly looks overweight or retains water, puffy eyes Nails___.Hair___.Skin___. Tongue may have a thick coating, look swollen and very wet.

Treatment: Sedate and calm the Earth and dry the dampness. You may need the uplifting quality of the sweet citrus oils like: Neroli, Bergamot, Sweet Orange.

Deficient Type: The energy of the spleen is weak and what there is does not flow well. Thus the body exists in a fundamentally undernourished condition. The spleen is not producing an abundance of Qi and blood. The metabolism is weak and inefficient.

Signs: Excessive need for sympathy and emotional support, lack of concentration for studying or and working through life's everyday concerns, can be wishy washy, indifference, distracted, alienated. Neglects your own needs and appearance, low energy, may be sensitive to the cold, concerned about food or allergies Possibly rings under eyes, sagging posture, may be thin body type, bruises easily, poor muscle tone Dry hair and skin Nails ___. Tongue may look pale, swollen and flaccid.

Treatment: Tonify the spleen, regulate the Qi. Use oils like: Rosemary, Bergamot, Grapefruit.

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