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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
Water Phase
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Fire Phase
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Fire Phase

Fire is an expression of your Qi-energy at it's most energetic phase--what else needs to be said?

Key Image: Fire serves to warm and illuminate when it is under control but will dominate and consume when it is out of control.

Key Emotion: Joy causes energy to disperse-it tends to dissipate and be lost. The power of Joy comes from the capacity to liberate heat and realize fulfillment.

Key Organ: Heart complex and small intestine.

When the Heart is in balance it provides the foundation for healthy mental, emotional and relational living. You express and experience warmth and tenderness, sensitivity, spontaneity and equanimity. You relish excitement and delight in your intimacies. The highest expression of the Fire Constitution is love.

Although most psychological imbalances will to some degree represent an imbalance in the Fire Phase the fundamental imbalance of the Fire Constitution relates to mental and emotional states and to social and personal relations. Under stress and out of balance you will exhibit a feeling or nervousness and agitation. Because heat rises, the conditions of Fire imbalance appear primarily in the upper part of the body: the chest, shoulders, neck and head.

Key Emotional Pattern: Modern life is a highly stimulated affair filled with all kinds of threats and demands. In such times it is difficult to maintain true equanimity or balance in the being. This stimulated condition inflames and weakens the heart. Heart disease remains the biggest killer of mankind. Likewise, most of us would agree heart-break as a result of problematic emotional-sexual relationships is probably the biggest psychological pain.

[Michael maybe the deficient could be on the left side and excessive on the right like yin and yang above]

Excessive Type: There is too much internal heat (Yang energy), particularly in the heart. Since the state of the heart affects our emotional and mental condition, and of course our circulation the excess heat in the heart must be drained and not permitted to go indefinitely.

Signs: over-excitement and stimulation, exaggeration that leads to irritability, agitation, anxiety, and maybe some anger, You may have some sleep disorders, find yourself getting caught up in life issues that get you really stressed out, and you may have had many relationships. Rapid speech Possibly you have a red or flushed face, rashes. A slight red tongue with red tip. Nails___Hair___.

Treatment: Sedate the Fire. clear and drain internal heat. Consider the cooling oils like the citrus of Lime, Mandarin, or The intoxicating florals like Ylang ylang.

Deficient Type: The Qi and Fire of the heart is weak. Over time the hyperactivity of the strong Fire Constitution will drain and weaken the energy and blood of the heart. So the person may be experiencing internal cold, rather than internal heat. In this case there is not enough energy and warmth in the heart.

Signs: mental fatigue, unreasonable fright, lack of enthusiasm, easily discouraged, even depression and despair. Maybe sleep disorders associated with ___.?Just feel weak a lot, chills easily, can not sustain sexual excitement Possibly you look older than your age, pale with flushed cheeks, voice shakes and cracks NailsÂ…___Hair ___.Skin ___. Tongue may look pale, pointy, some cracks towards the front.

Treatment: Tonify the Fire. Warm the interior, spice up your live and nourish the heart Qi and blood with the warming oils of Cardamom, All Spice. Bergamot

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