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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
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Metal Phase

Metal Phase

Metal as the Phase of dynamic energy of your body-mind.

Key Image: Metal here pertains to a sword or shield, which are used to protect the body from outside threats. An energy field at the surface of the skin protects the body. Also precious metal as wealth also protects. The lungs help to generate and circulate that energy.

Key emotion: Sorrow. The power of sorrow comes from the capacity to reshape and refine what we are confronted by. It's appropriate to know when to defend ourselves from the pleasure of attachment and the pain of loss.

Key Organs: Lung and large intestine The Lungs are the origin of and replenish the breath which is "prana" and a source of acquiring Qi.. Remember what we learned as children "Breathe in the good stuff and breathe out the bad stuff" it's the organ through which we take in and let go We suspect smell affords us with the animal like sixth sense which helps us fulfill at a most primitive or subtle level the function of protection. Our fragile internal organs are also protected by the skin itself and moist mucosal membranes, which surround the organs. When the lungs and large intestines do not function well, these protective mechanism fail to do their jobs well.

The fullest expression of the Metal Phase involves respect for healthful relationships, good boundaries with a strong sense of one's own individuality, and yet keen interest in interaction and balanced communication, stimulation and a positive outlook, a need for insight and order, a sense of being able to feel vulnerable, and the luxury of taking out time to worship what we feel is sacred.

The fundamental imbalance of the Metal Constitution is the inability of the body to protect itself from negative influences coming from the outside.

Key Emotional Pattern: Sorrow and grief is primary to the Metal Constitution. Sorrow weakens bodily energy which can lead to enervation. Grieving people tend to contract the area around the lungs, obstructing free breathing. Over time this can lead to respiratory imbalances.

Excessive Type: The lungs govern the relationship between the inside of the body and the outside. They open and close the pores of the skin, circulate the protective energy and bodily fluids. The Qi of the lungs is stagnant and congested, producing many times, heat and phlegm obstruction.

Signs: worry, anxiety, brooding, reserved, lung and sinus congestion, raspy breathing, grief, Possibly overweight, talks slowly, numbness of the arms, muscles feel tight and the spine stiff Dry hair and skin with large pores Nails ____ Swollen tongue with white coating in rear.

Treatment: Sedate the Metal by diffusing the Lung Qi. Clear dampness from the lungs by using camphorous oils like Laurel, Rosemary and Sweet Marjoram.

Deficient Type: The Qi of the lungs is weak thus immunity is weak.

Signs: mental fogginess, withdrawn from others, pessimism, depression, highly sensitive, sorrow and grief, Frail physique, narrow chest, underweight, constricted features, clammy hands-feet, maybe excessive sweating, swollen lymph glands, Possible problems in relationship to your father. Skin ___ Hair___.Nails___ Dry and shrunken tongue, some cracks near the front.

Treatment: Tonify the lungs and boost the Qi with the oils from the conifers trees___? that following oils: Silver fir, Douglas fir, Hemlock spruce.

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