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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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The Transformation in Health Care
by Roger Jahnke, O.M.D.

(The first paragraph is repeated from the home page.)

My greatest revelation about Qigong for others came after several years in the clinical practice of Chinese medicine. Patients kept asking me, Doctor, is there medicine in the acupuncture needle? After all, most people in America believe that medicine comes from doctors, frequently through the injection needle. Then I would say, No, there is no medicine in the acupuncture needle, it is very slender. The next question was clearly a turning point in many people’s lives, Well, then, where is the medicine?

In Chinese medicine, the most important healing resource is produced within the human body from the natural interaction of Yin (earth, food, physiology) and Yang (Heaven, air and philosophy). The acupuncture needle assists in balancing, directing, refining and enhancing these marvelous inner healing resources.

Finally after years of personal practice, it settled in through my Germanic Cincinnati heritage that the most profound medicine is really within us. With acpuncture, a doctor is required to give the treatment; with QiGong you balance, direct, refine and enhance the Qi for yourself. For me, this was a remarkable breakthrough, it completed the altering of my world view in around 1978.In China, however, this has been common knowledge for thousands of years.

From then on, my greatest and most compelling interest in Chinese medicine was Qigong. Although I'd been practicing Taiji for over ten years, this was an immense personal and professional revelation — people can heal themselves by learning to circulate and maximize their own Qi — and it is free. This information is not complex or esoteric, average people can learn these ideas and even share them with their family, friends and coworkers. The transformation that is so necessary will not come from doctors or politicians — it will come from the people.

Then, to be sure all of this was accurate, I traveled to China five times and visited the public parks, the hospitals, the Qigong institutes, the temples and sacred sites. Seeing thousands and thousands of people in the parks (knowing that 100 million people practice Qigong every day) was like touching the garment of truth and drinking from the fountain of original wisdom. Receiving instruction at Shaolin Temple (Song Mountains), White Cloud Temple (Beijing), the Qigong institutes in Beijing, Shanghai and Guanzhou, and being immersed in the alchemy lineage of immortality Master Ge Hong in Hangzhou (and other great inner elixir [nei dan] alchemists) has left me completely surrendered to Giqong.

— from Qigong, essence of the healing dance, by Garri Garripoli and friends, pages 138-140.

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