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"As aromas work on physical, emotional, and spiritual levels at the same time, with clever blending, everything is possible. You can learn to balance your lover's characteristics with your own. You can heal yourself while smelling good at the same time. You can be fortified and handle the day-to-day routine with confidence. "
--from Scents & Sensuality by Valerie Ann Worwood

Self Care Formulas for Health

In preparing this section we consulted over twenty-five books and dozens of web sites and databases and found there was no absolute confirmation for a particular blend for a specific situation. In other words, if you look up anxiety you're going to have to select from a couple dozen different blends.

On one hand, this is disconcerting, as we would hope there would be significant corroboration of which oils would be recommended. On the other hand, it also represents the richness of different healing arts and the diversity of essential oils. Certain types of chemical components occur repeatedly in a number of chemical arrangements in various oils. It's seems reasonable that a lot of substitutions can be made. Very often we have seen conditions improve or respond to the use of oils regardless of which are being used. Like eating of organic and raw foods, the use of essential oils has just got to be good for you. And it benefits you financially if you don't need to use the most expensive oils. From each Botanical Family you can often select the most common, the most plentiful and therefore the less expensive essential oils to good effect.

We feel the wider the experience you have with the use of essential oils the more you will notice the broad interchangeability of oils. Our feeling is you cannot experiment with too many oils. So we hope you enjoy your smell adventure.

We believe other websites and certainly many published source texts do an excellent job addressing most common physical ailments, flu, colds, etc. (although we don't exclude these entirely if we have come across an especially effective essential oil remedy) we focus more on restoring emotional and mental balance. As the Chinese say, you can never underestimate the influence that emotions have on health.

All true healing takes time and we can't expect results overnight. Some chronic problems multi causes or just take longer to deal with. Sniffing a few oils will never be the total solution. We view aromatherapy more as an adjunct to other types of therapies, not something that you should use exclusively. Aromatherapy is not meant to be an exclusive treatment. Anciently and in every healing tradition it was always considered as one aspect of a more holistic approach that included your other senses and involved nutrition, exercise, herbs, massage, etc. Although thousands have reported immediate short term benefits from aromatherapy, you may need to consider other lifestyle changes, including the avoidance of certain personal or even environmental challenges, detoxification programs, etc. and certainly seek out the advice of professional help and talented healers.

Before you begin experimenting with any oils we suggest you first deal with the stress in your daily life. Consider this list of potential stressors and see what actions you can take to bring your life to a greater balance. Immersing yourself daily in a whole bath tub of "stress relieving essential oils" in will compensate for an employer who is driving you to drink or reach for the Prozak.

We have seen that different people must have genetically programmed requirements for different oils. Besides basic allergies, certain oils can make one person feels great, have no effect on another, and cause a third person to feel worse. A blend that may benefit you today may not be as effective the next time you try it. You constitution may have improved or the time of year or even the time of day may make a difference. Ultimately it comes down to you becoming sensitive through experimentation on yourself to come up with a blend that is right for you.

Again we emphasize the ultimate rewards of integrating essential oils into your daily life is the gradual change in lifestyle in which your health can be maintained without prescriptions or only through resorting to medical experts. You can change your state and improve your health by the daily choices you make.

Recipes or Blends

For swimmer's ears: when the ear canal is repeatedly exposed to moisture, it's protective wax gets stripped away, allowing bacteria to cause an infection in the canal lining. I've pretty much avoided this by using ear plugs when I swim, but Oz, my black Russian terrier, has big floppy ears that holds in the moisture.

Swimmer's Ears
So both before and after we swim we mix up a quarter cup of:
? cup 70% isopropyl alcohol
? cup distilled white vinegar
2 drops of ????

And heat it up slightly on a plate warmer then drop in a few drops and rinse or wipe out with tee shirt material you can buy in a bag. I used to use Q-tips (I know what it says on the box) until the cotton came off in my ear canal and I had to go to the emergency room to have it removed.

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