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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
Water Phase
Wood Phase
Fire Phase
Earth Phase
Metal Phase

Water Phase

Water Constitution

At the basic core Water signifies the life force in its primal condition.

Key Image: Formless water flows down to the roots and it is the fundamental substance for physical life.

Key Emotion: Fear. The power of Fear comes from the capacity to concentrate and respond with just enough force.

Key Organs: Kidney and Bladder

When the Water Phase is in harmony and the will is strong we are resourceful, focused, determined yet prudent, confident and self-sufficient, mindful and introspective and unwilling to throw away our resources or energy on what isn't that important.

In disharmony, the root emotion is fear: either fear of forces in the environment or fear of inadequacy and failure.

Key Emotional Pattern: The Water Constitution is prone to fear, which can render a person unable to adapt to the demands of life and living. Fear suppresses bodily energy and can damage the kidneys by throwing its basal energy away and into the earth producing apathy, there is a tendency to be easily discouraged, and a feeling of powerlessness.

When the Water Phase is in disharmony, two main outcomes are likely.

Excessive Type: The yin aspect of the kidneys is weak in this case and thus it fails to balance and control the yang or the fire aspect of the kidneys. Yin deficiency may create internal heat. The Will is overactive, the tendency is to be hyperactive, unsettled, even rash, unable to conduct their energy. Described as the classical workaholic the tendency is to demand to much of yourself, compelled by insecurity or the ? to succeed at any cost. The result is to push to the point of burn out.

Signs: restlessness, recklessness, tactless, unforgiving and mistrustful that can lead to paranoia Possibly needs little sleep, hyperactive, difficulty sustaining health regimes.
Dark or bronze complexion, dryness, hot flushes. Hair ___..Nails___. Tongue may appear red and dry with cracks.

Treatment: Sedate the Water by tonifying the yin of the kidneys with the woody ___.? oils: Vetiver, Patchouli, Rosewood.

Deficient Type: The Qi and the Yang of the kidneys is weak. When the Will is deficient and there is the tendency to feel powerless, lack sufficient confidence, become discouraged even apathetic, and therefore retreat from any confrontation or apparent difficulty.

Signs: timid and insecure, feels cut off, pessimistic. Possible low energy and lacks stamina, low libido, hard to wake up, sensitivity to cold and maybe just a little absentminded. Premature gray thin hair and dark pasty,wrinkled skin. The tongue may appear pale and moist.

Tonify the yang and Qi of the kidneys with the resinous oils of Frankincense, Black spruce.

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