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Transformation in Health Care: Qi Gong and the People
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Treating Skin Problems Constitutional Types:
Water Phase
Wood Phase
Fire Phase
Earth Phase
Metal Phase

Wood Phase

At a basic level the Wood Phase is about movement, growth, and the motivating energies in harmony with the flow of life.

Key Image: A healthy branch of a tree is strong but flexible. It can hold up weight and bend with the wind. An unhealthy branch is hard and brittle, and will break under pressure.

Key Emotion: Anger. The power of anger comes from the capacity to rapidly expand and build up pressure.

When the Wood phase is balanced we are organized, decisive, loves action, adventurous, even courageous. We function well under pressure and like to be the first and the best. We curb our extremes. We can be assertive when it is necessary and express ourselves with clarity. Our emotions, especially anger, are well balanced or under natural control.

In disharmony, there is a lack of smooth, even and balanced responsiveness to the demands of life. Anger causes Qi to rise it tends to flare up and lash out with sudden explosiveness.

The Key Organs: The liver and gallbladder. The fundamental imbalance of the Wood Constitution relates to a lack of free flowing action of energy and blood primarily, through the liver. The liver must relax in order to allow Qi and blood to flow freely through it, to all the organs below. When energy does flow freely through the liver, muscles will tighten as energy is held in, causing upper body tension.

Excessive Type: There is an over abundance of Qi and blood caught in the liver. The Qi is actually trapped in the liver and is trying to get out in order to flow freely again. This trapped Qi is creating a host of internal inflammatory processes, inhibiting free circulation throughout the body, even pushing back up into the upper body. Inflammation is being passed down from the liver, via the liver meridian to lower body organs, which over time creates a host of problems in the urogenital region.

Signs: Gets easily frustrated, irritable, angry, inflexible, can become compulsive, and when really out of control exhibit rage and ruthlessness. Nervous tension, mood swings, and resentment. Possibly looks strong, loud voice, red in the face and cheeks, oily skin and hair tightness in shoulders and neck, Maybe an early riser but still likes to stay up late, Hair ___ Skin ___ .Nails ___. Tongue: Slight yellow coating on the back of the tongue.

Treatment Approach: Sedate Wood with the ____..Chamomiles (remember daisy) Roman Chamomile, Moroccan Chamomile.

Deficient Type: There is a deficiency of blood and yin to nourish the liver. The blood carries nutrients to all the organs of the body but it also carries the Qi that is within the blood. Under such conditions the liver can not function optimally.

Signs: Either a lack of purpose or ambition and loss of motivation. If we are unable to express any anger even when it is called for we turn in on ourselves. Unexpressed anger becomes pessimism, resentment and depression. There can be a physical paleness, drawn quality, Possibly difficulty falling asleep or insomnia or over sensitivity to light and sound. Hair___ .Skin___ .Nails ___ Tongue ___.

Treatment Approach: Tonify the Wood. Enrich yourself with the Oils: Rose, Lemon, Geranium.

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