Hello Qi Gong or Chi Gung

8 Silken Movements or 8 Pieces of Brocade or 8 Simple QiGong Exercises for Health

To conclude, you must practice perseveringly and patiently. You need a strong will and a great deal of patience and self-discipline. You may have already found that there are many different versions of the Eight Pieces of Brocade available on the market. Do not be confused by all these versions. You should understand that it does not matter which version you practice, the basic theory and principles remain the same. The most important thing of all is to understand the poems and songs which have been passed down through generations. These poems and songs are the root of the training, so please study them carefully.

from 8 Simple QiGong Exercises for Health, by Dr. Jwing-Ming Yang, page 27

There are so many forms and styles and teachers! Oh my. I get bored with one and go to another just for variety. I like Dr. Yang’s style of having a book and video, so you can watch the movements, then go to the book when you need more technical information. –Michael Harings

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