8 Poem Exercises

I added a new header image, featuring men and women performing Qi Gong taken from Chi Kung drawings in an ancient silk book (Method of Inducing Free Flow of Chi) from the Han dynasty, circa 206 BCE to 24CE.

These movements were codified by General Yeuh Fei (1177CE-1279CE) into 12, then 8 movements. Even today, visitors to the Shaolin Temple in China will see statues performing these exercises. The illustrations are from The Way of Energy, by Master Lam Kam Chuen, page 81.

The Chinese call the exercise routine “Ba Duan Jin,” translated as “Eight Strands of Brocade” or “Eight Fine Exercises.” I’m going to call the routine 8 Poetry Moves, cuz who knows what brocade is anyway? I’m saying they’re poems because Dr. Yang, Jwing-Ming refers to them as poems/songs as they were anciently recorded:  “the most important thing that will come from the regular practice of Qigong is your discovery of the inner world of your body’s energy.” Is that poetry in motion or what?!

QiGong Exercises

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