Review of Qi Gong for Beginners DVD

I just received the dvd in the mail today. Chris Pei, for whom English is a second language, has a very benign, relaxing, and well-produced dvd on the traditional Chinese 8 Pieces of Brocade routine. The main video demonstrates¬† pose the 8 exercises, with 3 extra meditative poses on the bonus section, such as the Hugging a Tree stance. He is filmed in a translucent white silk outfit, which shows his limbs slightly underneath. I wish Chinese instructors would simply wear tight fitting clothes so you can really see what they’re doing structurally, rather than the traditional loose fitting clothes.

He is filmed doing the poses on a small, flowing river, and the water shots throughout the video are very relaxing. Overall, a delightful, and easy to do variation on this Qi Gong classic routine.

I bought the dvd from Amazon for $9.95, which is a very good price.¬† Sometimes you can rent dvds from Netflix, which is also a good way to view the dvds of exercises you’re interested in, without having to put down a lot of money upfront.

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