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Green Smoothie the Camel

by Victoria Boutenko, from the Raw Family Email

Raw FamilyGreen Smoothie the CamelOne of the world’s well known spiritual leaders, Avatar Adi Da Samraj, has recently read the book Green for Life and is now recommending green smoothies to all his devotees. In the ashram in Fiji where he resides, the chef Allan George now makes fresh green smoothies twice a day for more than 100 people. This week we received this message and photograph:

Last night a new baby camel was born (April 23) in our zoo at The Mountain of Attention Sanctuary in Lake County, California. Adi Da named her “Green Smoothie”. He said she has all kinds of food names in her family line, all un-straight (bad food). So this introduces some healthy food into the family line.

Green Smoothie's lineage of camels here on the Sanctuary includes (by name): a very sweet "Muffin", a rich, dark "Jelly Baba", a huge, wooly "Peanut" and a mysterious, decadent "Smokey Joe"!

When I wrote Green for Life, I never knew how popular it would become!

A Talk by Victoria Boutenko on the Raw Diet

reported by Michael Harings, August 30, 2007

I like eating food, but it's not otherwise something I'm very interested in. So I begrudingly agreed to go to a raw food talk because my intimate insisted... wondering to myself how I'd ever stay awake for a three hour talk about eating lettuce that started at 7 PM, I brought a book to read (and sat near the back so I wouldn't offend the speaker).

As soon as Victoria started talking, she was truly passionate and inspiring. She mentioned that her family emigrated to the US from Russia, and adopted the “American diet”. A couple years later, however, they were all suffering serious health problems: she had gained a hundred pounds, had edema and arrhythmia; her husband had a number of surgeries and the doctor said he needed to have his thyroids removed; her son had signs of type 1 diabetes and her daughter had developed asthma. She was desperate!

I'm writing this on saturday, and since I didn't take notes, I'm referring to her book Raw Family to check the facts. It's remarkable how much more revealing and candid she is face to face! In the book she says when she started asking healthy looking people about diabetes:
The one day at my bank, I got in line behind a radiant and healthy woman. I asked my question and she smiled... Elisabeth answered all my questions, and then gave me a book about raw food. No matter how scary everything sounded, it made sense. My heart told me it was right. --pages 5-6

What she said in person was more amusing and revealing--she asked her out to TGIF (a type of restaurant where a raw foodist would have nothing to eat!), and Victoria's emotional reaction was-- (paraphrased) "Oh, one of those crazy vegetarians!" She was very dismayed at the fact that she might have to change her diet.

Well, to make a long story short, their family went vegetarian cold-turkey--or shall I say, cold-lettuce! And started to get healthy remarkably fast.

After they had been vegetarians for some years though, their health lessened. So Victoria went back to researching what to do. She eventually studied the chimpanzee diet, because they share an estimated 99% dna likeness to humans, but their diet is very different from ours, and their immune systems are much stronger. So in the book Green for Life, she writes about how she figured humans should be eating a lot more greens, because chimps live mostly on fruits and greens.

The Three Stages of Vegetarianism

  • Gourmet Phase (try to make it interesting, like one's old diet)
  • Salad Phase (all kinds of greens)
  • Whole Foods (very simple)

Like Victoria, I have a limited appreciation for salads! My intimate, Jill, eats like a rabbit--she can eat salads all day long. For me however, I always get nauseous after the first few leaves, so when Victoria said she had the same reaction, this really got my attention. I was not alone. She said she was talking to a leaf in her office: "Leaf, I have to eat you! How can I do this?" She couldn't stomach a smoothie made of greens, or wheatgrass, so what to do? She finally added fruit, enough to make a smoothie taste sweet, but still have a lot of greens in it. That was the turning point that helped make their family healthier than ever.

To really appreciate and enjoy their full story, visit their website and get some books or dvds. And then try some of their diet experiments. Even though I'm not a salad fan, I'm finding that Victoria’s “Green Smoothies” are energizing and taste pretty good. My apologies to Victoria if I mangled anything she said. --Michael

Recommended Books
on the "Raw Diet"

  • Raw Family a true story of awakening, by Victoria, Igor, Sergei and Valya Boutenko
  • Greens Can Save Your Life An Inspiring and Informative Lecture, by Victoria Boutenko (DVD)
  • Green for Life, by Victoria Boutenko
  • 12 Steps to Raw Foods How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food, by Victoria Boutenko
  • The Yoga of Right Diet: An Intelligent Approach to Dietary Practice That Supports Communion with the Living Divine Reality, by The Avataric Great Sage, Adi Da Samraj
  • The Sunfood Diet Success System, by David Wolfe
  • Raw Food Made Easy For 1 or 2 People, by Jennifer Cornbleet

Birdflu and the Battle
of the Immune System

Pleasurably Eat your Way to Health

Recently Dr. Daniel Boumeester, of the Radiant Life Clinic gave a presentation on the "raw diet." In it he mentioned a talk given by David Wolfe regarding the use of natural foods in boosting the immune system. The rest of this article is a summation of David Wolfe's talk about strengthing your immune system by eating natural foods.

If or when the birdflu arrives in North America sometime later this year, you'd like to be really healthy when it gets here, so it won't be able to compromise your health. One key to staying healthy is to have a strong immune system. There are many natural foods and herbs that can help you. It's likely that the government won't have enough or the proper vaccinations in time to prevent it from spreading.

So what do you want to have stored away? First off, you'll need a good supply of water, because if a pandemic occurs, you're best off holing up the woods, away from other contagious people. And next comes a good supply of food and supplements.

Foods that Strengthen
the Immune System

Moving to a more raw and natural diet will help your body--but take small steps--you won't last on a new diet unless you enjoy it! Start by replacing sugar with honey or maple syrup for example. Here's some vegetables that help the immune system:

  • Cucumbers, tomatoes, berries: these veggies are low in fruit sugar, and are better than oranges,bananas or grapes (which are high in sugar)
  • Nuts and seeds: seeds are better and can store longer. Pumpkin seeds are excellent. You can store these in glass jars in a cool place, away from light.
  • Seaweed: dulse, nori, hijiki, wakame, (they're loaded with minerals), are easy store, and keep well.

Super Foods

Add these to your diet to help your immune system.

  • Bee Pollen
  • Royal Jelly (This traditional longevity supplement may have pesticides in it if imported from China.)
  • Honey: helps keeps your blood sugar going and stores indefinitely when sealed in glass.
  • Algaes: blue-green (If it agrees with you) helps with stem cells. Spirulana and Chorella are other popular algaes.
  • Chocolate!: What?! You can eat the raw cacao beans/nuts and skip the added sugar, chemicals and the cooking that kills off useful enzymes.
  • Goji Berries: are considered one of the most important herbs in Traditional Chinese medicine.
  • Cayenne Pepper: some like it hot!
  • Aloe Vera: Grow it inside if you're in a cold climate or outside in a warm climate. The gel is edible and a powerful antifungal and antiviral. It's a desert succulent.
You can't say chicken are safe to eat. Therefore, you should move away from poultry products.--David Wolfe

Inside Your Herb Cabinent

Store whatever you can in glass containers in a cool, dark place--or use hardened plastic as a second choice. Here's the herb list:
  • Garlic: an excellent immune system booster. You can get rid of the smell by soaking the clove in lemon juice for 24 hours. Don't eat it every day except during a pandemic.
  • Echinacea: an easy to grow, native american medicine for the immune system. Don't use it every day except during a pandemic.
  • Lomatium: was used effectively in 1918 pandemic, it's a native American plant.
  • Reishi Mushroom: you can take it every day. You can boil it and use for tea.
  • Shitake and Mitake mushrooms are also good.
  • Agaricus Blazei: another newly discovered powerful mushroom.
  • Cordyceps: a highly regarded fungus!
  • Licorice Root: a wonderful antiviral, plus it's easy to grow and buy. Store it in large glass containers. Use it to make tea--making tea is an important survival skill. Put some antiviral herbs into boiling water. It will help kill bacteria in polluted water. It's better than nothing! But if you can, run it thru carbon filter that you can get at survival store.
  • Astragalus
  • Shizandra Berry
  • Vitamin C: this is also a good antiviral supplement.
A Juice to Boost
Your Immune System

2 cloves of garlic
1 slice ginger
1 handful of parsley
4 pears
1 ounce of organic, cold pressed extra virgin olive oil

Add the olive oil to the juice after blending. Ginger and garlic are natural antibiotics that boost the immune system, while parsley helps build blood. The pears have pectin which will stimulate a bowel movement, thereby draining the lymph system of toxins. The olive also helps the build blood by supplying monosaturated fats.

So go ahead and buy a few of these foods/herbs/supplements, start chewing on them, and store some away for a cold rainy day. I felt a remarkable sense of well-being and increased energy after I started moving my diet toward more raw food as outlined in The Sunfood Diet Success System book by David Wolfe.--MichaelEnd of Article.

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