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Wide-ranging PC IT background includes desktop and server programming, lan and database admin, web design and content management, technical writing, desktop publishing, technical support and consulting.

Recent/Present/Future Work

I'm working on a LAMP (Linux-Apache-MySql-Perl/Php) project, creating a wholesale vitamin/supplement order system. Like to get work programming, generating webpage content, and managing websites using the Lamp stack. Recently setup an internal Red Hat email server (Sendmail) with Squirrelmail as the client web browser.

Here's a recent portfolio.

Technical Summary

Relevant Professional Experience

Nov 06-June 07: Refrigeration Technology, Inc. did admin work on the office PCs, setup a backup system, upgraded their website, worked on upgrading temp/humidity software for their "Super Stats" to web software with .net technology.

May 06-now: website maintenance for and local realtors (Skyline). Update product lines by putting in new photos, text, cart tools, migrating html code to css standards, designing new pages, and monthly email campaigns. Set up an open-source bulk email program (PHPList).

09/2005-now: Entrepreneur, started a essential oil business with a partner; learning Linux, Apache, MySql and Php in order to set up a business at DaisyOrganicEssentials.Com.

09/2001-08/2005: Programmer, Lan Admin at, Middletown, CA Worked in IT, doing backend server and database work for BestImage, an internet Real Estate website service. Also performed various kinds of admin work for 75 desktops and half a dozen local servers and about a dozen remote servers.

1/2000-09/2001: Contract Programmer, Middletown, CA Worked on a website ecommerce program for Making It Big ( Released a remote database product that emails cargo container info to an international corporation's (Unicon) Website.

5/1998-12/1999: Programmer, MTI, Walnut Creek, CA Built and ran a database driven website for displaying current mortgage rates for lenders nationwide ( Deployed and maintained an internal NT lan. Overhauled client entry software for lender's magazine/website advertisements.

6/1997-4/1998 Programmer, BayLogics, Inc, Novato, CA Developed a Delphi database app for tracking commercial real estate. Worked remotely with the client in Dallas via email, developing specs, design, implementating and testing the progam. The project enables the user to track and report on lease documentation.

9/96-6/1997: Programmer, Acumen International, San Rafael, CA Took over a Visual Basic/Access project that was running late in an Alpha stage and released it successfully. The software tracked management rating for UPS managers. Later upgraded and maintained it. Also built and maintained other project builds for large MS C and C++ systems.

5/1995-9/1996: Programmer, USPS, San Mateo, CA Developed a client-server system using VB/Access and Crystal Reports on the client, with Focus/clists on the mainframe. Users dial into the mainframe from across the US and pull revenue and payment data for their financial districts into PCs. The next version in development was to bypass the Focus server and use VB/Access with FTP software across the Postal Lan.

6/1994-4/1995: Programmer, Co-op Communications, Greenbrae, CA Designed and developed a DDE application in VB for porting existing DOS reports into Windows format for automatic printing, collating, and faxing, Maintained existing legacy accounting software in Focus. Worked as a lan administrator and also helped users with technical support. Also helped design a Foxpro application.

5/1991-5/1994: Tech Support/Programmer/Graphics Designer, Intelliquest, Pleasanton, CA Helped with tech support and maintenance for an online wholesale mortgage rate service for California mortgage brokers that was written in Foxpro. Helped with testing and programming. Created manuals and produced a monthly magazine with articles and extensive wholesale lender financial information.

8/1989-4/1991: Technical Writer, Programmer, Seigler Mountain Group, Cobb, CA Wrote technical documentation for lessor-lease real-estate accounting program for Safeway in Oakland. Created a reference document browser in Foxpro. Maintained a working code library for system routines.

8/1986-12/1989: Assistant Manager, The Dawn Horse Book Depot, Seattle, WA Helped manage a mail-order spiritual book business. Created applications for managing mailing lists in dBase and maintained an inventory POS system. Wrote, edited, and produced quarterly catalogs.

College Education: mostly at the University of Wisconsin, Madison, but graduated from San Francisco State with a BA (English Literature :-)